Vonetta + Rustin = Married

It's wedding season again, and while many photographers will be running for the hills (to shoot landscape photography or something like that), I get extremely excited, knowing I get to start capturing a couple's special day. This year is looking busier than the years passed, but whenever you can get wedding season to start on the right foot, it is greatly welcomed. That certainly happened with the wedding of Vonetta and Rustin!

I couldn't have been happier to shoot for Vonetta and Rustin! I loved Vonetta's wedding dress, which was classic, simple, and timeless, and it seemed to suit her practical nature. Rustin had an idea to shoot portraits around the Spanish Steps in Dupont Circle and the photos worked out great (when people weren't walking up and down them constantly - who knew so many people ACTUALLY used those steps?!).

The reception at the Fairfax Hotel at Embassy Row was gorgeous and insanely fun! Usually, the DJ has to do a lot of coaxing in order to get people onto the dance floor, but there was none of that this time! So much goodness! Rumor had it he was a bit of the romantic, which is why he envisioned the steps in the first place, so as a fellow romantic, I hope I did his idea justice! Here is a sprinkling of photos from the wedding.

Vonetta + Ruxin-1.JPG
Vonetta + Ruxin-2.JPG
Vonetta + Rustin Wedding by Patrick Onofre
Vonetta + Ruxin-3.JPG
Vonetta + Ruxin-4.JPG

Congratulations to Vonetta and Rustin!