Christine + Preston Wedding Re-Edit with VSCO Film Pack 05

Shut up and take my money, VSCO.

Earlier this week, Visual Supply Company released a film pack that Andrew and I were eager to get our hands on. For those unfamiliar, VSCO creates digital products that emulate film for your editing purposes. Because Andrew and I are film nostalgists and adore the days of analog, VSCO fits our photographic styles perfectly.

While I already have my favorites from film packs of yore, I was excited to test out the new "films" for myself. And with the upcoming trip to San Diego for the Marine Corps Trials, I wanted to experiment to see if there was anything I'd be interested in using for the event.

So, on what to test out the packs? I wanted something that gave me a huge variety of outdoors, indoors, dark, light, inanimate and animate objects. It hit me immediately: Christine and Preston's wedding from July in Thorpewood! They had an outdoor wedding, but preparation and the reception were indoors, and the day had a great combination of daytime/night/artificial lighting. Huzzah!

One thing I did not anticipate was the amount of time it would take to edit the photos I selected. The reason? I was having entirely way too much fun experimenting with all of the different films! It was quite overwhelming, since they gave you so many to choose from! After a while of editing, I noticed I tended to gravitate towards certain films in certain situations, and I definitely have my favorites. However, the end result was a very exciting, fresh, new look to a previously-shot wedding.

Take a look at our favorites from the day and let us know what you think! Enjoy!