Christine + Preston = Married

When the summer hits, it can be a nightmare shooting an outdoor wedding. Frankly, when I heard it was a wedding outdoors, I was nervous about melting in the summer sun. However, the wedding of Christine and Preston, set in the mountains of Maryland

at Thorpewood

during a bright and sunny June day, was as cool as the other side of the pillow. With the weather out of the way, it was time to rock another wedding shoot.

For this shoot, I was meeting the couple for the first time on the day of their wedding. However, thanks to a recent chat with Kate Warren of Go Kate Shoot (whom I chatted with on the podcast) and my usual Latin charm, I looked for my "in" with the folks through their outfits, which was made easy by Christine's gorgeous dress and stylish shoes and Preston's smart suit and thick tie (which took a few attempts to figure out how to tie). It also helped that they're an extremely pleasant and welcoming pair who are easy to talk to - plus, their dog, Miles, was awesome - so I knew I was in for a great day!

One of the best parts about this day was that they decided to do a first look - something I always suggest to my couples! This made the rest of the day extremely easy to photography, since we were able to get the family portraits out of the way. Christine and Preston were able to enjoy the cocktail hour and be amongst their friends and family, giving me more fantastic candids to capture! Check out some of the photos from their special day below!


Congratulations to Christine and Preston! It was such a pleasure to meet you and capture your special day!

Until next time,

- Patrick