Christine + Preston Wedding Re-Edit with VSCO Film Pack 05

Shut up and take my money, VSCO.

Earlier this week, Visual Supply Company released a film pack that Andrew and I were eager to get our hands on. For those unfamiliar, VSCO creates digital products that emulate film for your editing purposes. Because Andrew and I are film nostalgists and adore the days of analog, VSCO fits our photographic styles perfectly.

While I already have my favorites from film packs of yore, I was excited to test out the new "films" for myself. And with the upcoming trip to San Diego for the Marine Corps Trials, I wanted to experiment to see if there was anything I'd be interested in using for the event.

So, on what to test out the packs? I wanted something that gave me a huge variety of outdoors, indoors, dark, light, inanimate and animate objects. It hit me immediately: Christine and Preston's wedding from July in Thorpewood! They had an outdoor wedding, but preparation and the reception were indoors, and the day had a great combination of daytime/night/artificial lighting. Huzzah!

One thing I did not anticipate was the amount of time it would take to edit the photos I selected. The reason? I was having entirely way too much fun experimenting with all of the different films! It was quite overwhelming, since they gave you so many to choose from! After a while of editing, I noticed I tended to gravitate towards certain films in certain situations, and I definitely have my favorites. However, the end result was a very exciting, fresh, new look to a previously-shot wedding.

Take a look at our favorites from the day and let us know what you think! Enjoy!

Erin + Brian Wedding

Andrew and I had the pleasure of getting to know Erin and Brian during the engagement photo shoot we did, but as much fun as that day was, nothing could compare to the fantastic weekend we had with them in Charlottesville, Virginia. We got to meet their wonderful families who were so welcoming, and even better, we got to document the wedding of one of the loveliest couples we've had the pleasure with which to work.

Erin + Brian-1.JPG
Erin + Brian-2.JPG
Erin + Brian-4.JPG
Erin + Brian-5.JPG
Erin + Brian-6.JPG
Erin + Brian-7.JPG
Erin + Brian-11.JPG
Erin + Brian-8.JPG
Erin + Brian-9.JPG
Erin + Brian-12.JPG
Erin + Brian-13.JPG
Erin + Brian-14.JPG
Erin + Brian-17.JPG
Erin + Brian-18.JPG
Erin + Brian-19.JPG
Erin + Brian-21.JPG
Erin + Brian-20.JPG
Erin + Brian-22.JPG
Erin + Brian-23.JPG
Erin + Brian-24.JPG
Erin + Brian-26.JPG
Erin + Brian-27.JPG
Erin + Brian-28.JPG
Erin + Brian-32.JPG
Erin + Brian-33.JPG
Erin + Brian-34.JPG
Erin + Brian-36.JPG
Erin + Brian-37.JPG
Erin + Brian-39.JPG
Erin + Brian-40.JPG
Erin + Brian-41.JPG
Erin + Brian-42.JPG
Erin + Brian-46.JPG
Erin + Brian-47.JPG
Erin + Brian-48.JPG
Erin + Brian-51.JPG
Erin + Brian-49.JPG
Erin + Brian-50.JPG
Erin + Brian-53.JPG